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The separation caused by an adoption has life-long effects on both mother and child, as well as other family members.
2013 FMNFS Board of Directors - Adoption Reunion Support

2013 FMNFS Board of Directors

  • The Forget Me Not Family Society is an Adoption Reunion Support Network in the Metro Vancouver area and holds monthly support groups online for anyone affected by adoption. You will find others who understand what it means to be adopted or to have relinquished a child to adoption. People who “get it” because they’ve walked in your shoes.
  • Thoughtful preparation for reunion will increase your chances of the best possible outcome. We provide peer support through your search and reunion and can help you plan your first contact.
  • Our speakers have experience in giving presentations to university students of Social Work and prospective adoptive parents.
We provide post-adoption services to adoptees, birth families, adoptive families and professionals by:

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