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  • What people say about our workshops
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Since 2006 the Forget Me Not Family Society has held a variety of annual workshops on post-adoption issues.

Links to FMNFS workshop reports and articles:

2023 June Workshop: Presenting “@ghostkingdom” Searching for Connection Beyond the Ghost Kingdom, an adoption healing film and workshop by Brian Stanton

2019 Fall Workshop with Catherine Moore, MA, RCC

2015 Fall Workshop with Ann Fessler

2014 Fall Workshop with Brian Stanton and Patti Hawn (Members Only)

2013 Fall Workshop with Ray McGinnis (Members Only)

2012 Brian Stanton Workshop Stories (Members Only)

2011 Joe Soll Workshop Stories

2010 Workshop Stories (Members Only)

2009 Nancy Verrier Workshop Stories

2008 Joe Soll Workshop Stories

2007 Lee Crawford Workshop Stories

2006 Joe Soll Workshop Stories

What people say about our workshops:

  • Every time I attend a workshop I have hope and strength to go further into reunion. (2015 Member Survey)
  • I always learn a lot at these conferences. Being with others who understand without a long explanation is wonderful. (2015 workshop)
  • As usual it surpassed my expectations. The variety of these workshops allows me to delve into many emotional layers that I’m uncovering. (2015 workshop)
  • I never want to miss any experience involving this group. (2015 workshop)
  • It was a wonderful weekend – my first workshop with the society, and it was amazing.  I’ve done a lot of personal growth workshops over the years, and this one just hit the nail on the head for me. The big take-away from the workshop for me was having the opportunity to be heard in an accepting, non-judgmental, loving atmosphere, by people who ‘get it.’  It was transforming for me – I feel more solid and grounded in who I am than I ever have.  I have clarity and focus and an ability to be present for others that I didn’t have last week – something profoundly healing happened to me there, as I was able to release some grief, shame and longing.   The feeling of being victimized has been replaced by a renewed energy to be my own person, rather than what others expect me to be, and it feels awesome.   DM, an adoptee (2013 workshop “Releasing Our Voices – Sharing Our Stories”)
Date Presenter Title Topic Venue
Oct 24 – 25, 2015 Ann Fessler, producer and director of “A Girl Like Her”. “A Girl Like Her” a film; Memory Writing; Collecting Oral Histories The Baby Scoop era, birth mothers. Memory Writing; Collecting Oral Histories  Executive Airport Plaza Hotel, Richmond, BC
Nov 1 – 2, 2014 Brian Stanton, Actor & Writer, Patti Hawn, author “BLANK” a play by Brian Stanton,  and “Good Girls Don’t” readings by author Patti Hawn Adoptee & Birth Mother experience  Executive Airport Plaza Hotel, Richmond, BC
Oct 26 – 27, 2013 Ray McGinnis,  grief and loss workshop facilitator,  author; & Sharon Jinkerson-Bass and Brenda Ireland, First Nations adoptees “Releasing Our Voices – Sharing Our Stories“:            Writing to the Heart (McGinnis)  & First Nations Healing Circle Writing, grief and loss Executive Airport Plaza Hotel , Richmond
Nov 3 – 4, 2012 Brian Stanton, Actor & Writer “Releasing our Voices” workshop  and “Blank”, a play Adoptee’s identity crisis & reunion story. Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel
Sept 22, 2012 Shari Ulrich, Juno award winner, Musician, Songwriter, Reunited birth mother “An Afternoon with Shari Ulrich” Birth mother tells her reunion story; performs songs Dunhlll Lounge, Burnaby, BC
Oct 14 – 16, 2011 Joe Soll, LCSW, Therapist & Author, Adoptee “Good Grief! Can it help us in our adoption journey?” Grief and loss Travelodge – Airport, Richmond, BC
Fall 2010 Anne Petrie,  broadcaster, author of “Gone to an Aunt’s”; and Mary Anne Alton, Producer/Director of “The 40 Year Secret” A TV Documentary Film: “The 40 Year Secret” A TV Documentary; Q & A Mothers and the maternity homes of the 1950’s – 1970’s Douglas College, New Westminster
Spring 2010 AGM Ray Ensminger, MSW, Ensminger consulting, reunion facilitator, retired Social Worker “Confessions of a Social Worker” Social Workers, reunions Douglas College, New Westminster
Oct 2009 Nancy Verrier, MFT, Psychotherapist, Author, Lecturer Seminar for Birth Mothers and Adoptees: “Awareness, Authenticity and Accountability” Primal Wound, effects of trauma… Douglas College, New Westminster
Fall 2008 Joe Soll “Reunions and Expectations … And what to do about them” Reunion expectations Douglas College, New Westminster
Fall 2007 Lee Crawford, Registered Clinical Therapist and Art Therapist “Taking the Next Steps : Healing Your Adoption Story” Emotional healing, communication, art therapy Douglas College, New Westminster
Fall 2006 Joe Soll “Adoption Healing… A Path to Recovery” Emotional healing Douglas College, New Westminster